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TABLE|IT User Manual

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  • Creates and manages new tables with individual fields within the Act! database
  • Creates, changes and deletes user defined tables for contacts, groups, companies or sales opportunities
  • Creates, changes and deletes fields
  • Connects contacts and documents with specific datasets of the user defined tables
  • Defines the visibility of user defined tables for each user and table
  • Determines the field access and security settings for a single user or a team
  • Creates relations between contacts, groups, companies or sales opportunities
  • Creates relations between individual tables -even subtables
  • Creates contacts, companies and groups lookups
  • Adjusts the field design by defining the conditions
  • Exports table views in Microsoft Excel
  • Creates documents and master copies in order to print or transform them in optional formats such as PDF
  • Creates calculations for single fields
  • Searches function within the table and filter function of search results
  • Customizes individual list appearance
  • Adjusts dialog view for the management of the individual databases
  • Matches search with adjustable criteria within the user defined tables