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  • Control - Executes all calls that were scheduled by you or your colleagues directly from a to-do list.
  • Simplified Calling - Selects a particular phone number with a click or calls directly from the clipboard. Speed- or direct dialing is also available.
  • Quick Information - Shows all relevant information related to an incoming call immediately.
  • Multi Tasking - Creates a new contact for an unknown incoming number or adds it to an existing contact. Takes notes and outlines new activities during the call.
  • Reporting - Writes detailed reports from your history.
  • Organization - Adjusts group affiliations during the phone conversation (only possible with the Professional/Callcenter version).
  • Workflow - Creates and sends emails automatically generated by user defined report templates for the direct initiation of further steps during the conversation (only possible with the Professional/Callcenter version).
  • Multi Client Capability - In case you are working for several companies, the DIAL|IT Callcenter version enables you to identify which company the incoming call is related to.

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